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I just want to scoop him up and protect him from this triflin ass world

I want people who say it’s not that big of a deal to look a bunch of black kids like him in the eye and answer that question, why can’t he see someone like him as a hero?

where is this from??????

The new S.H.I.E.L.D. show.. It’s decent

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Motoi Yamamotos Incredible Saltscapes

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto sees more uses in salt than the ordinary person. His artwork stems from the death of his sister, who passed away at a young age from brain cancer. In Japanese culture there is an idea of throwing salt over yourself after you attend a funeral acts as a sort of cleansing. So Yamamoto started using salt as his medium, creating intricate labyrinths and mazes as he calls them. Not only does Motoi create intricate patterns but full scale installations as well.

There’s also a beautiful book by Motoi that showcases some of his art called Return to the Sea: Saltscapes by Motoi Yamamoto.

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Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command.
 Alan Wilson Watts (via purplebuddhaproject)
Every intelligent individual wants to know what makes him tick, and yet is at once fascinated and frustrated by the fact that oneself is the most difficult of all things to know.
 Alan Wilson Watts (via purplebuddhaproject)
The pupil of your eye expands up to 45% when you look at someone you love.